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Instrument Requirments

Daily Supplies:

The following list is what each student should plan to bring to the appropriate rehearsal and/or performance.  Other items may be added at the discretion of the directors. 

  • All issued music

  • Pencil

  • Instrument

  • All supplies relative to their instrument

  • All marching related equipment (during marching season)

  • Drill/dot book/lanyard/coordinate sheet

  • Lyre/folder

  • Other marching equipment as needed (could vary from year to year)

In addition, a metronome and tuner should be part of a band member’s tools for home practice, these devices may be phone applications. Please see a director for suggested apps.

The following list for each instrument is comprised of preferred or highly recommended supplies and equipment.  Any deviance from this list should be approved by a director.  Private lesson teachers may make recommendations that stray from this list after consulting with a PHS band director. 


  • Tuning and cleaning rods

  • Cleaning cloth

  • Key oil

  • Screwdriver Set


  • Three good playable reeds.  Vandoren Blue Box, and V-12’s are the approved reeds.

  • Reed guard (plastic, with rubber bands to hold reed in the guard are preferred)

  • Ligature (Bonade, Inverted strongly recommended)

  • Proper mouthpiece with cap (Vandoren 5 RV Lyre)

  • Key oil (Case Storage)

  • Bore oil (Home Storage)

  • Cleaning swab (silk handkerchief style, with covered weight)

  • Approved type instrument (Buffet R13 preferred)

  • Cork grease

Saxes/Bass Clarinets:

  • Three good playable reeds.  Vandoren is the approved reed.

  • Reed guard

  • Ligature

  • Proper mouthpiece (Selmer C star)

  • Neck Strap (Bass Clarinet players included)

  • Pad and neck saver

  • Approved type instrument


  • Valve oil (Al Cass)

  • Polishing cloth

  • Mouthpiece (Bach 3c) or other director approved mouthpiece

  • Approved type instrument​

French Horn:

  • Valve/Rotary oil - (Al Cass - Marching Horn) (Holton Rotary - Concert Horn)

  • Polishing cloth

  • Approved mouthpiece (Holton Farkas)

  • Approved type instrument (provided by district)


  • Slide cream

  • Spray Water Bottle

  • Polishing Cloth

  • Mouthpiece (Bach 5G or Shilke 51D) or other director approved mouthpiece

  • Approved type instrument


  • Valve oil (Al Cass)

  • Mouthpiece (Bach 5G, Shilke 51, 51D) or other director approved mouthpiece

  • Polishing cloth

  • Approved type instrument (provided by school)


  • Valve oil (Al Cass)

  • Mouthpiece (Helleberg, or Miraphone Rose Model 25) 

  • Polishing cloth

  • Approved type instrument (provided by school)


  • Snare sticks - Vic Firth SD1 General or Innovative Percussion CL1

  • Xylophone mallets – Vic Firth M133 or Innovative Percussion IP902

  • Bell Mallets – Vic Firth M136 or Innovative Percussion IP906

  • Vibe Mallets – Vic Firth M226 or Innovative Percussion RS251

  • Marimba Mallets – Vic Firth M212 (2 Pairs) or Innovative Percussion IP240

  • Timpani Mallets - Vic Firth T3 Staccato or Innovative Percussion CT3

  • Stick Bag – Any brand or model will work.  Please leave room to grow.

  • Small Black Towel - Any type, kitchen size plain towel

District Owned Instruments:


KISD will provide a limited number of instruments for student use.  These instruments include highly expensive instruments such as the bassoon, oboe, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, french horn, euphonium, tuba, and general percussion equipment.  This equipment is generally purchased by the school district for student use because of its extremely high expense.  Thus, all district owned equipment must be handled with optimum care.  Students failing to take proper care of their school-issued instrument may lose the privilege to use such instruments.   

The following is a list of general procedures for district-owned instruments: 

  • Order of distribution will be done based on chair order.  If possible, students who play large instruments and are dependent upon KISD buses may be issued one instrument for home use and one for school use.  This will be at the discretion of the directors and will be based on instrument availability and transportation needs.

  • KISD does not provide insurance for individually owned or district-owned equipment.  It is required of all students utilizing district-owned instruments to provide insurance coverage for the instrument that has been issued to them.  Students will be held responsible for all district-owned instruments issued to them.  This responsibility will include fire, theft, accidental damage, abuse and general maintenance not incurred through normal use.

  • Students and parents must sign an instrument checkout form before the student can use the instrument.

  • Each instrument will be issued in good playing condition.  Each issued instrument will be checked and cleaned prior to issue.  Students are expected to maintain their issued instruments accordingly.

  • The band member is financially responsible for all equipment and/or materials checked out to him or her.

  • All equipment and materials must be kept in their proper storage location when not in use.

  • KISD will assess a fee for routine (end of year) cleaning and maintenance of district-owned instruments.  This fee will be collected at the beginning of each school year prior to the check out of any district owned instrument. (this fee does not cover removal of dents or other student-responsible repairs).

District-owned instruments are not to be treated as "free" instruments.  Basic supplies must still be purchased and repairs must still be made just like personally owned instruments.  Please strive to treat these instruments as if they were your own.  Most district-owned instruments exceed $2,000 in value. 

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