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RaiseRight Fundraiser

RaiseRight is an easy way to send back funds to the booster organization while not spending any additional money! Here’s how it works:

1.   Sign Up for Raise Right at and use the PSBBO Enrollment Code

           a.       YSZ4S3JGK4UV

2.       Purchase e-gift cards to stores you already shop (physical cards and reloads may also be available)

3.       Receive the gift card in your email and use them like you would any other gift card!

It’s that simple! Each store offers different kick-back percentages from 1.7% all the way up to 18% and it goes directly back to the Paetow-Stockdick Band Booster Organization!


If you have any questions on the fundraiser, you can reach out to our Booster President at:

Raise Right _edited.png
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