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Order all you Paetow Band Gear here! Required member purchases:

- Color Guard Package for all Guard Members

- Black Paetow Band Shorts for All Band Members

PSBBO Online Payment Portal

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Online payment options are now available through Square. Please note that a convenience fee of 3.25% will be assessed at checkout to cover expenses of the online payment.

Water Jug

$7.47 - $12.00

Every student IS REQUIRED TO HAVE and will also be responsible for bringing a water jug to EVERY practice as well as EVERY trip. It is extremely important for students to be well hydrated! Their water jug must hold 1 gallon of water!

Marching Band Gloves


Purchase instructions:

Fingers: No Fingertips

Color: Black

Size: Individual Preference

All orders under $15 are $5 S&H fee. It is our recommendation that you purchase a few pairs at a time or share an order to limit this cost.

Marching Band Shoes - Winds and Percussion


Purchase instructions:

Color: Black (9080)

Color Guard Flag Bag


Purchase Instructions:

Color: Black ONLY

Color Guard Rifle


Purchase Instructions:

Brand: Elite 3

Leather Strap Color: Black

Bolt Color: Black

Colorguard Dance Shoes

Purchase Instructions:

Brand: Style Plus

Shoe Color: Tan

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