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Student Leadership

The high school band programs in Katy ISD provide many opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills with a variety of offerings.  Students can audition and/or apply for both selected officer positions and elected officer positions.  In this manner, students can not only serve their band program but also refine skills that they will be able to use in other school organizations, as well as in their future careers.  Audition criteria is selected at the discretion of the directors and is communicated to the students.  The directors evaluate all selected officer candidates based on their performance both during the audition and during their performance during the current school year. 

Student leaders are held to higher standards of performance and behavior than a general band student.  They are expected to be positive role models for all band members at all times.  

Student Leadership Positions:

The Drum Major(s) will be the field commander(s) and conductor(s) for the marching ensemble.  A Drum Major will serve the marching season for which he/she is selected.  In the event that an underclassman is selected as Drum Major, he/she must reenter the selection process the next school year.  Drum Majors will be selected through an audition process.  Specific elements of the drum major audition process may vary from year to year at the discretion of the directors.  

Section leaders will be responsible for efficient operations of their sections.  They will complete weekly inspections, maintain field discipline, provide instruction, serve as positive role models, and assist the drum majors as needed.  They will be selected through the first portion of the Drum Major audition process. 

Horn Sergeants will be selected through the drum major audition process.  Horn Sergeants will be used in the instruction of marching/music skills as well as the general marching drill.  Horn Sergeants will be selected by an audition process that will involve: quality marching skills, music skills, teaching skills, use of vocal commands, and conducting skills.  Horn Sergeants will serve the marching season for which they are selected. 

Band Council: 
All band students are eligible to apply/audition for Band council positions.  The specific requirements for positions may vary according to the responsibilities of the office.  The band council shall serve as an advisory/action body for numerous band functions.  The council shall assist the band directors and band students in planning, preparing, and executing various band functions.  Student leadership positions range from service areas to executive areas and may change annually. Examples of student leadership positions are President, Vice-President, Communication Officers.  These offices may change in name and duties from year to year.  

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