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Finances & Fundraising

It is the philosophy of the Paetow High School Band that no student should be denied the privilege of band membership due to financial hardship.  For options in meeting financial obligations, parents should contact the director.   

Member Dues

All Paetow Band members will be responsible for member dues for each season in which they participate (fall/winter).  The purpose of these dues is to help with the various expenses that are necessary to run a quality band program, but are not covered by the school district.  These include but are not limited to such items as clinicians, contest entry fees, general supplies, marching band design coordination, transportation, social activities, and more as decided by the Band Boosters.   

Meal Fee: 
This fee covers all pre-game meals, specified meals at camps and some contests during the Fall Marching Season. 

Assessed Fees: 
Fees listed below are approximate and may vary from student to student.  Each student will receive an estimated expense sheet with their applicable expenses. 

  • Shoes: All marching band students must have the approved black shoes.  No other shoe will be acceptable.  Approximate cost: $40.00 – $45.00.

  • Show/Performance Shirt: Will be worn at all games (underneath uniform).  Cost: $10 - $15.

  • Band Polo: Casual uniform, worn at pep-rallies, informal concerts/events, etc., $35.

  • Performance Cooling LS Hooded Tee: Required for all fall performances and available to order online at the Band Spirit Wear store. Cost: $15 - $20.

  • Uniform Maintenance: Uniform repair and professional cleaning

  • Misc. Supplies: Including, but not limited to, various supplies such as lyres, flip folders, raincoats, water jugs etc.  The costs may vary from year to year.

Instrument / Equipment Fee - $100
This fee is for students with district-owned instruments, percussion, and color guard.  It is to offset the cost of chemical cleaning and minor repairs for the end of the school year. 

Booster Club Fundraising:

The Paetow High School Band and Band Booster Club engage in fundraising activities throughout each year.  The monies raised from fundraising activities will be credited to an account held by the Booster Club and is subject to all state laws. This money will be used only for the direct benefit of the band program. 

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