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Attendance Expectations

In order to have and maintain a high quality band program, attendance from all members is essential.  While the PHS band follows all school and district policies and procedures, the following additional guidelines outline the attendance procedures and policies for the PHS band.  These attendance guidelines also apply to activities held outside of the school day.  Failure to participate in either rehearsals or performances may result in student removal from the organization at the discretion of the band directors. The opportunity to perform as a member of the Paetow Band Program is at the discretion of the Paetow Band Directors for the safety of all students involved. 

Daily Attendance:

Attendance will be checked and documented promptly at the start of rehearsal. 

Students not in their designated area at the appropriate time will be marked tardy.  A tardy will be converted to a mark of absent 10 minutes after the rehearsal begins. 

Excused Tardy: 
Tardiness may be excused at the discretion of the directors.  Tutorials, appointments etc. will not be an excuse for tardiness unless prior arrangements, with written documentation, are made and approved by a director. 

Unexcused Tardy: 
Students who have more than one unexcused tardy shall make up missed time at a time to be arranged by the director and may be subject to: 

  • Loss of performance spot

  • Loss of performance privilege (for one game or concert)

  • Requirement to stay after rehearsal or report early to next rehearsal to make up lost time

  • Requirement to make up 15 minutes of fundamental marching or music with his/her section leader

Students not present at the appropriate time may be marked absent.

Performance Attendance:

Excused Absence:

Absences will be excused at the discretion of the directors.  Appointments, tutorials, work etc. will not be an excuse for absence.  Absence due to personal illness requiring medical attention, death in the family, or other extenuating circumstances (approved by director) may be considered for excused status.  Students who are continually ill may be required to provide a doctor’s note releasing them from participation in order to ensure the well-being of the child and to reduce concerns of the band directors.

The Paetow Band Directors understand that certain extenuating circumstances may not allow for this form to be completed with advance notice. In these cases communication through email directly to one of the Band Directors is an acceptable notification. Our direct email contact information can be found below.

Greg Redner

Kevin Thompson

Special note: Students have one afternoon free per week during the marching band season.  These days should be used for appointments and routine professional visits.  During the concert season, students will generally be responsible for only TWO weekly section rehearsal and group rehearsals as needed.  Thus, students will have ample days available for tutorials and appointments. 

Unexcused Absence 
Students who have an unexcused absence may be subject to one or more of the following consequences at the discretion of the directors: 

  • Make up missed time.

  • Loss of performance spot

  • Loss of performance opportunity.

  • Loss of attendance privilege at one game.

  • Removal from the marching band and loss of physical education credit.

Parents will be notified immediately of absence through Charms.

Pick Up and Drop Off

It is the expectation of the Paetow High School Band and Paetow High School Administration that students are dropped off and picked up from rehearsal in a timely manner.

Students are expected to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of rehearsal so they are prepared and in the proper location for the beginning of the rehearsal. 

It is an expectation that all students are picked up from Paetow High School no more than 30 minutes following the designated end time of a rehearsal or performance. For the safety of your student the Paetow High School Band Directors will remain with all students until they are picked up from rehearsal, this means that we are unable to leave the facility until your children have left. For respect of our time and families, we ask that you make arrangements for students to be picked up in a timely manner. 

If a student is not picked up in a timely manner the first occurrence will be a warning, second occurrence will result in a meeting with the parents and band director, and third occurrence will result in a meeting with parents, a band director, and building administration. 

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