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Grading and Eligibility

Grading Guidelines:

KISD band programs have instructional objectives that relate to the mandated Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for grade level subjects or courses.

These objectives are aligned to address the academic skills needed for successful performance in the next grade or next course in a sequence of courses.

Assignments, tests, projects, classroom activities, and other instructional activities are designed so that the student’s performance indicates the level of mastery of the instructional objectives.  The student’s mastery level of these objectives is a major factor in determining the grade for a subject or course. 

Students will be expected to meet the responsibilities for each band class as determined by the director. Since band is an academic music class with some extra-curricular activities attached, the band student’s grade will reflect achievement in both curricular and extracurricular areas.  

A band member’s six weeks grade will be determined from the following items: individual testing, performances, and extended classroom activities such as sectionals and before/after school rehearsals.  For more specific information pertaining to how a student’s grade is determined, please consult the director. 
The following list is provided to give students and parents examples of items that can be subject to grading. Additional assignments may be given at the discretion of the director. 

  • The student will be on task and focused during all rehearsals.

  • The student will have instrument, music, pencil, and supplies.

  • The student will be prepared to play his/her part successfully.

  • The student will mark music and take notes as needed.

  • The student will be expected to improve individual music skills.

  • The student’s individual skill development will be evaluated through recorded music tests, individual playing assessment, scale assessment, and/or written assessment.

  • The student will be evaluated on improvement of ensemble skills during daily rehearsals.

  • The student will be expected to improve his/her performance fundamentals.

  • The student will be evaluated for improvement of his/her music fundamentals through daily observation during the “basics” part of each rehearsal and during sectionals.

  • The student will be expected to demonstrate correct posture, hand position, embouchure, air production, and articulation as monitored during rehearsals.

  • The student will be expected to develop a historical knowledge of the literature relative to their respective instrument.

  • The student will receive a grade for each performance during a grading period.


All KISD Bands adhere to the eligibility rules and regulations as stated by TEA and KISD.  Some band activities are designated as extra-curricular.  Students participating in these activities are governed by eligibility requirements.  A student shall be suspended from participation in all extra-curricular activities sponsored or sanctioned by the school district during the six week period following a grade reporting period in which the student received a grade lower than seventy in any class.  Loss of eligibility does not take effect until seven days after the end of the reporting period.  Ineligible students are not suspended from practice or rehearsal of extra-curricular activities.  The student is not suspended from participation during the period in which school is recessed for the summer or any other vacation time.  

Students may regain eligibility under certain circumstances.  If a student has been suspended as a result of failing, he/she may regain eligibility by passing ALL courses in the third week of the affected grading period.  Reinstatement of eligibility would occur seven days after the three week progress report period (see TEA/UIL Side by Side). 

Activities that are considered curricular components of any course are not affected by the eligibility law.  Examples of these activities are all rehearsals and performances that take place as a regular extension of classroom instruction.  Any performance that is competitive in nature or for which admission is charged is deemed extra-curricular.   

Travel Guidelines: 

The band will frequently travel on either school buses or commercial buses. Student conduct is expected to be at the highest level on any trip.  

Students must travel to events and return from events on the bus.  Any student wishing to arrive or leave with his/her parent must notify a director in writing with parent signature, prior to the event and complete a KISD Post-Activity Release Form including principal signature. 

Students must have all necessary forms (Medical/Travel Release) completed and on file with the band office to travel on any trip with the band.   
While on the bus students will: 

  • Remain seated at all times.

  • Sit properly in a forward position.

  • Keep the bus clear of food, drinks, and debris (At times it may be necessary to eat a pre-game dinner on the bus.  Every effort should be made to keep your area clean).

  • Keep all body parts inside the bus.

  • Remain silent when addressed by person in charge on the bus.

  • Refrain from loud, boisterous talking, singing, screaming, whistling, inappropriate jokes, etc.

  • No public displays of affection.

  • Remain silent from the time they step onto the bus until otherwise instructed​

Students are reminded that all performances start and conclude at the band hall.  As a member of the band, you are a representative of your school.  Always be on your best behavior.  If you are in doubt about an action, do not do it!  Your conduct at all times should be considered a good reflection on the school, the band, your home, yourself, and the community. 

Adult chaperones are a great asset for the band program.  Students will treat them as an extension of the band staff.  Proper respect will be shown to all adults at all times.  

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