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Student Health and Safety

General Safety:

The health and safety of our students is our first priority.  Every effort will be made to keep our students out of harm’s way at all times.   

Extreme Weather Conditions - Lightning 
A lightning detector is used at rehearsals, games, and contests to determine our activities.  We, like the athletic teams, make it a practice to go inside when lightning occurs multiple times in a small amount of time within 8 miles of our location.  Discretion is used to determine immediate threat, as we take lightning and the safety of our students very seriously.

Under rainy conditions, the band may still rehearse and/or perform at the discretion of the band staff. 

We stress to students the importance of hydration at all times, and especially in periods of extreme heat.  During extreme heat conditions, we decrease the amount of time between water breaks and/or increase the amount of time used for the break.  The weather conditions as well as the physical and mental conditions of our students are monitored continually and adjustments are made to accommodate whenever necessary.  

It is very important that every student bring and use their own personal water bottle.  Sharing water (and food) leads to the spreading of germs that cause viruses such as cold, flu, mononucleosis, and Hepatitis B as well as many other bacterial infections.  Sharing water is not acceptable. 


It is important for all students to eat healthy and well-balanced meals every day. During summer band camp, students need to eat a healthy breakfast every morning.   Stay away from milk and greasy foods. 

Students need to bring a healthy sack lunch to summer camp.  We do not recommend fried foods, salty snacks, soft drinks, or sweets. 

Drink plenty of water! 

As the new school year begins, students should continue their healthy diet throughout the day.  Continue to eat a healthy breakfast every morning.  Eat a healthy lunch.  Stay away from greasy foods such as pizza, chips, and candy during the school day.  Lunch from the vending machines is not appropriate.  

Students should continue to drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay well-hydrated for afternoon rehearsals. 

Eating healthy meals and drinking plenty of water is essential so students can remain in good health. 

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