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The Uniform

Uniform Guidelines:


Students are expected to follow the listed uniform guidelines.  No variations will be allowed. 


  • Marching Band uniforms will be sized before summer band camp.  Band uniforms will be stored at school in the uniform storage area.

  • Concert Uniforms will be issued in November.  Concert uniforms will be stored at school in the uniform storage area.  Boys will be responsible for their own shoes, prescribed tuxedo shirt (wingtip collar, pleats, and no ruffles), studs and cufflinks (optional).

  • Students will be held financially responsible for the uniform(s) and all components.

Issue and Return:

  • Students will be issued a uniform to be taken home at the start of our uniformed performances. 

  • All students issued a uniform are responsible to the care and maintenance of the uniform until it is returned at the conclusion of the football season. 

  • All students accept responsibility for issues with the uniform not deemed 
    "normal" wear and tear throughout the course of the season.

  • Care instructions and contract information can be found here: Uniform Contract

Wearing the Uniform:

  • Always wear and treat your uniform with pride.  The uniform should be worn as a complete unit at all times when in public.  The only exception to this will be when a director instructs you that you may remove your hat or coat. Loading crews may be exempt from wearing the uniform during loading/unloading procedures.  Do not run while in uniform!

  • Panther Band Performance Wear is to be worn under your uniform. Performance blacks will be part of pre-performance inspections.

  • You must wear approved marching band shoes and black socks (student purchases).

  • Jewelry, hair ribbons, and bright colored nail polish etc. are unacceptable while in uniform. These items hinder the uniform appearance of the band.

  • Band students with long hair will need to put it up before loading the bus. Hair must not touch the collar of the jacket and must be above the top of the ear or pulled behind it.  No visible hair on forehead.

  • No consumption of food and drinks (other than H2O) while in uniform without permission.

Uniform Costs:

If a uniform part is damaged or lost, the student will be responsible for the replacement costs.  All marching uniforms are  cleaned at the same time to prevent unequal discoloration and fading.  


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