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The success of any organization is dependent upon the spirit, pride, leadership, teamwork, dedication, and cooperation of its members.  Certain rules, policies, and procedures are necessary so that the overall goals of the group are met and the welfare of each individual member is best served.

By accepting membership in the Paetow High School Band, you are agreeing to perform to the best of your abilities and work together with the band staff in making this year’s band the finest musical organization that our combined efforts can produce.  In order for this to occur, students will need to be responsible, attentive, and respectful, have a positive attitude.  The directors will do their best to insure that every student will be provided the opportunity to be successful, regardless of their ability as an incoming student or of their career ambitions following graduation. 

The Paetow band staff has developed this handbook to familiarize each band member with general operation and procedures of the Panther Band and standards by which all band members are expected to conduct themselves.  The handbook is not intended to be all-inclusive, as every possible situation and question cannot be predicted in advance; however, a thorough knowledge of these materials is essential to the smooth operation and success of the band this year.

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