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Founding Principles

The Vision of the Paetow High School Band is to be:


Dedicated to Excellence 

Paetow High School Band Goals and Objectives:

Mental and physical discipline:

  • ​Develop powers of concentration

  • Memorize music

  • Learn techniques of preparation as they relate to group and individual performances

  • Develop self and group discipline

Citizenship through group endeavor:

  • Develop leadership abilities

  • Develop responsibility

  • Develop ability to cooperate with others and to work as a team member

  • Develop diligence

  • Develop mutual respect

Physical conditioning:

  • Develop Strenghth

  • Develop Stamina

  • Develop Endurance

  • Develop Coordination

Cultural growth:

  • Provide opportunities to attain knowledge of music history through performance of various types of instrumental literature

Value Judgments:

  • Ability to make musical value (as they pertain to a musical setting) judgments through critical listening

  • Recognition of quality of sound, pitch, style, tempo, rhythm, blend, balance, phrasing, dynamics, and articulation

Read and Understand Music:

  • Know and utilize note values and rest

  • Know and utilize keys, key signatures, and scales

  • Know and utilize musical terms, signs, and symbols

  • Recognize and tune intervals and harmony

  • Ear training/listening skills

Proper instrumental technique:

  • Care of the instrument

  • Assume correct posture and playing position

  • Develop the embouchure/stick grip/hand position

  • Develop characteristic instrumental tone

  • Develop proper breathing techniques

  • Develop technical instrumental proficiency (fingering, articulation, rudiments, scales, etc.)

Foster self-expression:

  • Express oneself in every performance experience

  • Explore careers

In addition to the State of Texas guidelines, the Paetow High School Band will strive to: 

  • Provide any interested student with opportunities for musical knowledge, musical fellowship, and fun through participation in band

  • Provide for the mental, physical, social, and emotional development of students

  • Instill pride and discipline in each student

  • Provide each student with solo and group endeavors to achieve personal goals and satisfaction

  • Provide basic psychological needs such as recognition, belonging, self-respect, and a feeling of achievement

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