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Concert Ensembles


All students are required to audition for select performance ensembles.  The Band Directors determine audition requirements, and directors will notify students of audition dates, requirements, and results.  Directors will serve as an evaluator during auditions.  Audition material will reflect the director’s anticipated performance level for the students and will be based on prior learning, and auditions may be live or taped at the director’s discretion.  Students will be re-evaluated periodically for participation in select performance ensembles. 

Performance/Rehearsal Requirements:   

Each of the concert ensembles will perform at various times throughout the school year.  Students are expected to participate in the performances of their assigned ensemble.  Failure to participate in either rehearsals or performances may result in student removal from the organization at the discretion of the band directors (see general attendance polices).  Performances of the concert ensembles will include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Fall Concert

  • Winter Concert

  • Spring Concert

  • Band Festivals/Pre UIL Contest

  • UIL Contest

  • Others as needed

Concerts and Performances:

Concerts and performances are an integral component of the band curriculum.  Students should consult their schedules for dates and times.  Periodically, the schedule may change and updates will be communicated. Concerts are considered to have three parts: warm-up, performance, and listening.  The concert begins for the student at the warm-up. Punctuality is essential.  A concert concludes when the last group performs and directors have given permission for students to be dismissed.  A general report time will be given for all students.  

  • All concerts are a group effort, thus, attendance is required.

  • All concerts are an extension of the classroom and will be graded accordingly.

  • Students should be punctual and prepared for each performance/concert.

  • In the event a performance causes a student to miss another class, the student is responsible to make up all missed work!

  • The appropriate dress for all concerts will be a dress uniform (see Uniforms).

  • Students are expected to stay the entire concert.

  • Students are expected to help move equipment and “stack-n-rack” chairs and stands when needed.  

Private Lesson Program: 

This is a district wide program that provides a high quality enhancement to classroom instruction.  Teachers are all specialists on their instruments.  Most of our teachers are professional musicians in the Houston area and have advanced degrees in the performance of their instruments.  Lessons are extremely valuable to the individual student and are highly encouraged. 

  • ALL students are ENCOURAGED to take individualized private instruction.

  • Teachers are screened and approved by the district and directors.

  • Lessons will be given weekly, preferably during the band classes or after school.

  • If there is a need for before/after school lessons, every effort will be made to schedule private lessons at times that do not conflict with marching rehearsals, sectionals, or other activities.

  • Detailed information will be distributed on the private lesson program.

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