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Conduct & Student Expectations

Band members will observe all policies set forth by Katy ISD, in addition to the following, as they pertain to the instrumental music setting:

  • Any behavior, which is not representative of good citizenship, as perceived by the band staff, may result in the student's dismissal from the activity at hand as well as the band program. This also applies to the actions of student leaders in both public and private events.

  • Display of profanity, temper, flagrant violation of rules, etc., will not be tolerated. Individual behavior during a band function is a reflection of the group.

  • Students will follow directors’ instructions.

  • Students will be in their assigned rehearsal area ready to work at the set rehearsal time with all equipment, including music, pencil, instrument, and all supplies to rehearsals daily (see detailed supply list for each instrument).

  • Students will keep hands, feet, and other objects to themselves.

  • Students will not use or play on equipment they do not own without permission from a director.

  • Students will not touch, handle, borrow, or use anyone else's instrument, uniform, or personal belongings.

  • Students should request permission to speak by raising their hand and waiting to be acknowledged.  All rehearsals are expected to be extremely quiet so that time will be utilized wisely and as efficiently as possible.

  • When allowed in the band hall, either before or after school, students will not disturb any rehearsal in progress.

  • Students will respect the property of others, and return their equipment to its proper storage place when not in use.  Students should keep their equipment in the designated storage area, and keep said storage area clean and neat in appearance.  Students who demonstrate great difficulty with this may lose the privilege of having a storage area in the band hall.

  • Students will not deface or mark on music stands, chairs, walls, etc.

  • Students will not write on dry-erase board without permission from a director.

  • Students will utilize their assigned storage slot/locker for instrument cases during rehearsals. Cases should not be brought into rehearsals unless requested by a director (exceptions: flute, clarinet, oboe, and bassoon).

  • Removal from the PHS Band Program

    • Students committing actions that jeopardize the safety of students or equipment within the PHS Band, as deemed by the band staff, will result in dismissal from the Band Program 

Digital Citizenship:

Maintaining a higher standard of conduct will also include ensuring that band member websites are appropriate.  The internet is a worldwide, publicly accessible form of communication.  Any communication such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, photo sharing, emailing, or texting, etc., appearing on the internet is public domain, even if it is marked private.  


Members are responsible for their personal websites and postings, as well as posting from or on other students’ websites.  The areas of appropriateness will include but are not limited to profane, foul, or disrespectful language (abbreviated or alluding to), pictures, suggestive poses, clothing, references to alcohol, drugs, and/or tobacco, and postings (either verbal or photos) that could be interpreted as being negative or threatening towards other KISD teaching staff or band members, or that demonstrate poor sportsmanship or a disrespectful attitude towards other bands.  Any such incident will result in review by the principal (or designee) and may lead to probation or dismissal from the band. 
Band members that violate the above Internet guidelines shall be subject to the following: 

  • Upon confirmation of a first violation, the member will be asked to remove any offensive items from the website(s) and will be asked to give an apology and plan of action to deter this behavior to the principal, directors, and band members.  Parents/guardians will be contacted and made aware of the offensive behavior.

  • Upon confirmation of a second offense, the member will be asked to remove any offensive items from the website(s) and will be asked to give an apology and plan of action to deter this behavior to the principal, directors, and band members.  Parents/guardians will be contacted and made aware of the offensive behavior.  In addition, the student will be suspended from all Band activities for a period of 3 days to 3 weeks.

  • Upon confirmation of a third offense, the member will be removed from band.

  • An extreme offense, as deemed by the director, will result in immediate removal from the program. An example of extreme would be language that threatens the safety of any members of the band program.

Due Process:

  • All Katy ISD students are entitled to due process in accordance with KISD guidelines.  Our goal as a staff is to ensure that all students are treated fairly.  Please contact one of the directors if you have any concerns.  We will work with you to resolve problems.  We are here to provide a quality music education for all our students. 

Care of Band Facilites:

  • Refreshments – No gum, food or drinks are allowed in the building except when authorized by the directors. 

  • Litter – All trash (paper, broken reeds/drum sticks, etc.) is to be deposited in the wastebaskets provided. 

  • Vandalism – Acts of vandalism or the willful misuse of school property will be dealt with severely and appropriately.  Every band member is responsible to help the director’s monitor the facility and control vandalism, which includes writing or carving on walls, destroying music, or breaking school property. 

  • Workroom – Absolutely no student is allowed in the workroom without permission.  The copy machine is off limits without permission. 

  • Practice & Ensemble Rooms – Are designed for practicing, not social gatherings. 

  • Offices – Please knock, and if you are invited in, you may enter.  Otherwise, they are off-limits to students.  Students may not use director’s phone without permission. 

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